William Franklin -

Very professional and affordable. I felt very at home working with Gus, and couldn't be happier with the results.

Peter Anderson

Need photos.......then you need Gus.....awesome pictures, great service and super friendly. Would definitely recommend to anyone that needs some great shots taken. He recently did my 40th and soooo many people have commented on how great the pics are. Happy days!!!! Love your work Gus.

Candice Rhind
Professional, easy to work with and the session felt effortless - Great Guy! will def work with Gus
again in future! 
Jake Mc Cray - 
Thank you for your professionalism on how you captured moments in time that is quicker than
a blink.

My parents 50th wedding anniversary is such a memorable and eventful evening, you managed to  

keep the moments time stood still and moments for family unity.

I am thankful for your tactfulness and obedience to the surrounding in which you display your talent.


Marcus Netzler -

Gus is truly a professional with an eye for detail !!! 

Cherie Thompson -
Gus recently took photos of a 40th that I attended and I can't recommend him highly enough not
only did he take magic shots which will last a lifetime and will be memories we all share and laugh
over, he was friendly and professional.
Adriana Knight -

Based on his quality of work, customer service and outstanding references, We have decided to hire

Gus Munoz for my 40th birthday and our 17th Wedding Anniversary in March.

Samuel Martin

There's a photo Gus took of me at a birthday party. I change it to my facebook profile photo. I got

triple the number of likes than I usually get. Somehow, Gus manages to get very likeable shots.

Anthony John Cole -

Gus has such a passion for photography that it is evident in the pictures he captures. A true

professional, Highly recommended!